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Elaine & David Marmel


The Mrs. America competition, rich in history, was first held in 1938 and continued until 1968. In 1977, after a nine-year hiatus, it was revived by David Z. Marmel after his successful career in professional athletics and independent television production. He was instrumental in setting the new directions for the pageant and for transforming the pageant into the multi-faceted event it is today.

Mrs. America was the first, and remains, the foremost competition for married women in America. Now, it is considered to be the premier pageant for married women. It has epitomized excellence, professionalism, and the celebration of family values; and is supported by an office and full-time director in every state including the District of Columbia.

The winners of the Mrs. America and Miss for America crowns received prizes and endless opportunities. During their exciting and memorable reigns, they will make personal appearances throughout the country. For the entire year, they act as ambassadors and spokespersons for America's women. They may speak to civic groups and business organizations, appear in print and TV commercials, and conduct countless interviews with members of the press. They become, in effect, the public symbol of all women.

The modern pageant, while maintaining its traditions, new seeks to recognize what David called "America's greatest natural resource - the contemporary married 

woman." The winner of the Mrs. America competition represents America in the international Mrs. World Pageant. 

Thanks to Mr. Marmel for his vision. He is the reason we have Mrs. America and Miss for America competitions today!

David Marmel
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