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Elaine & David Marmel


The Mrs. America competition, rich in history, was first held in 1938 and continued until 1968. In 1977, after a nine-year hiatus, it was revived by David Z. Marmel after his successful career in professional athletics and independent television production. He was instrumental in setting the new directions for the pageant and for transforming the pageant into the multi-faceted event it is today.

In 2019, David and his wife Elaine felt it was not enough to honor 50 married women from around the country. That is why they created the Mrs. American pageant, a premiere nationals experience for a second set of women from each state.

This modern pageant experience new seeks to recognize what David called "America's greatest natural resource - the contemporary married 

woman." The winner of the Mrs. American competition goes on to compete in the international Mrs. World Pageant. 

Thanks to Mr. Marmel for his vision. He is the reason we have Mrs. America, Mrs. American, and Miss for America competitions today! Sadly, David passed away in 2019, but his wife Elaine has continued the tradition of the America pageants, with her state directors rallying around her.

David Marmel
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