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Stacie Proctor

Mrs. Utah American 2024

​​​Stacie and her husband Andy have been married for 10 years. They have one toddler, William Apollo, who is made of pure sunlight. Stacie is the recipient of the Utah Business Forty Under 40 Award. An adventurer and first person in her family to circumnavigate the globe, she has raced on camelback through the Jordanian desert and roasted s’mores at an active volcano in Iceland.

As a child, Stacie changed schools 16 times by 10th grade, integrating into economically, ethnically, and culturally diverse communities across America. Two of the most impactful lessons she learned were that people are good and we need each other. Inspired by the compassion and legacy of her great-great-grandmother’s village as they looked across dividing lines in a time of war to create a safe and welcoming space, Stacie is leading collaborative efforts to restore community and connection in Utah.

Follow her on Instagram at @MrsUtahAmerican
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