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Victoria's Voice Foundation is the corporate philanthropy of the Mrs. America organization. In addition to the state community work of our Mrs. winners, they also work through the Mrs. America organization to raise awareness of drug overdose and substance abuse.

The Foundation was created by David Siegel after he and his wife lost their beautiful daughter, Victoria, to a drug overdose on June 6, 2015. She was only 18.

Victoria, or “Rikki,” as she liked to be called, was the oldest of seven siblings, a recent high school graduate, and a dreamer with a tremendous heart. She had a world of opportunity in front of her.

The Siegels' tragic, unimaginable loss has inspired their complete devotion to shining a bright light on a dark issue that has crippled our nation. Through the Victoria’s Voice Foundation, the Siegel family is bringing this matter to the national stage, championing specific ways we can reduce drug experimentation, addiction and overdose - we will change the reality of drug addiction in our country.

Mr. Siegel's singular mission is saving lives so we don’t lose our future generation. He doesn't want other families to go through what he went through;  to lose what they lost.

Victoria Siegel

Victoria’s life may have been short, but her impact will be tremendous. Victoria’s voice will be heard and lives will be saved.



Through Victoria’s Voice Foundation, we are taking aim at reducing drug experimentation, addiction and overdose death by supporting:

  1. Legislation to encourage locking up prescription medications. Fifty-three percent of kids who use illicit prescription drugs get them out of a relative’s or friend’s medicine cabinet.1

  2. Legislation for the co-prescription of naloxone every time an opiate painkiller is prescribed. Naloxone is a completely safe opiate-reversal drug that can pull someone out of an overdose state—even on the verge of death—into an immediate withdrawal. It is life-saving and non-addictive. We believe this antidote to death should be carried by every first responder and made available through every university and college.

  3. Implementation of a policy platform for random drug testing in partnership with educational institutions.

In lockstep with our focus, the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA), bipartisan federal legislation, is the best opportunity we have to stop and reverse the drug epidemic. CARA is a comprehensive response to addiction that includes prevention, drug treatment, recovery and support, as well as criminal-justice reform.

To learn more about Victoria's Voice, please click HERE.

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